The Genetic Algorithms – A Tutorial

G.N. Reddy, M. Jain, and L. Pius (USA)


Genetic Algorithms, Optimization Methods, BinaryGenetic Algorithms, Continuous Parameter GeneticAlgorithms.


This paper presets a set of tools that can be used illustrate various forms of genetic algorithms [1,2,3]. This includes both forms of genetic algorithms "Binary Genetic Algorithms" and "Continuous Parameter Genetic Algorithms" [1]. Genetic algorithms provide heuristic solutions for combinatorial-optimization problems that have found applications in many areas with outstanding success. In this package there are four optimization tools. The first one is to perform exhaustive search method; the second to implement approximation method; the third to implement binary genetic algorithm; and the fourth to implement continuous parameter genetic algorithm. Only the third and the fourth ones are discussed in this paper that are related to genetic algorithms. All the four software packages are developed using Borland C++ Builder 5.0. The tools are user-friendly with graphical user interface (GUI). Most of the genetic algorithmic parameters are changeable, making them useful in understanding the effect of various parameters on the evolution of the problem solution. The packages generate a complete solution trace detailing every aspect of the problem resolution using genetic algorithms. This includes various population generations -input population, generation-to-generation populations, and mating populations; roulette wheel based parent selection, crossover techniques, and mutation techniques; cost function and fitness function computations. These tools can be excellent for instruction, I have used them in one of my graduate course on "Graph & Genetic Algorithms: for Physical VLSI Design". For interested readers, the tool-package will be available on a CD at the conference and the others may download the executable files from the author's website to run on any personal computer. Documentation files are included with the executables in pdf-format. URL setup will be complete by the conference time.

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