Pattern based Design for Secure and Safe Mobile Agent Systems

N. Yoshioka, Y. Tahara, S. Honiden, and A. Ohsuga (Japan)


Mobile Agent, Safety, Security, Pattern, Methodology


As wide-area open networks such as the Internet and interanets grow larger, the agent technology is attracting more attention. Agents are units of software that can deal with environmental changes and various requirements of open networks through features such as autonomy, mobility, intelligence cooperation, and reactivity. However, since the usual development method of the safe and se cure agent systems is not yet widespread. In this pa per, we propose a methodology that supports the step by step development of mobile agent systems while ensuring consideration of security and safety issues. The methodology revolves around the use of patterns that take these issues into account. This approach results in a robust infrastructure for practical system development, and by supporting calculation of various costs allows efficiency, safety and security trade-offs to be objectively evaluated.

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