Implementation of a Model Reference Robot Control Scheme

A.M. Salah Kenshil and M. Al-Mahdi Eshtawie (Libya)


Robot Control, Fuzzy Logic, Model Reference Control, Adaptive Control.


In this paper a reference model adaptive control scheme with direct fuzzy logic compensator is applied for robot manipulator control. The scheme consists of a PD controller as a basic servo controller and fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for disturbance compensation. The gravitational forces are computed online and compensated. The error developed between the plant and its reference model is fed to t the fuzzy logic controller to correct the actuation signal. The correction signal is added directly to the output of the PD controller. Although both controllers are of a fixed structure type, however the overall scheme is adaptive as the actuation signal is concerned. The performance of the proposed controller is experimentally tested on two joints of a six-axis robot manipulator designed for welding applications.

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