Robust Control Analysis for Fuzzy Systems with Parameter Uncertainty

J. Yoneyama (Japan)


Robust Control, Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems, Uncertain Systems, H∞ Control


This paper is concerned with quadratic stability, and quadratic stability with disturbance attenuation of a class of uncertain fuzzy systems. The class of systems under consideration is fuzzy systems with norm-bounded parameter uncertainties. Fuzzy systems often approximate nonlinear systems and uncertain fuzzy systems description is useful to treat a wide class of nonlinear systems. Our main results are relationships between robust H∞ control via output feedback and a scaled H∞ control problem and between quadratic stabilization and a standard H∞ control problem for fuzzy systems without uncertainty. These imply that quadratic stabilizing controllers for uncertain fuzzy systems can be designed by solving a standard H∞ controller for fuzzy systems without uncertainty.

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