Implanting a Feedforward Fuzzy Controller to a Pilot Tank Plant

A. Díaz, M. Jiménez, and M. Strefezza (Venezuela)


PI-like fuzzy controller, Nonlinear control, Feedforward control, Identification.


In this article is outlined the modeling, design and the implementation of a control of a tank system by means of a feedforward fuzzy control. In this nonlinear and multivariable tank system, intends the control of the liquid level inside it as the main variable to control, besides the control the disturbance produced by the inlet flow to this tank. For the level control, it is proposed the implementation of a PI-like fuzzy controller. Then the disturbance of this system is the change of the liquid inlet flow in the tank, which affect the liquid level and that cannot be sensed immediately. To control this disturbance a feedforward fuzzy controller is implanted. Simulations are carried out by using the model of the plant, which is identified, and the implementation in real time of control strategy in the tank system are also carried out, these show good and interesting results in the application of this technique. These results are also compared with the response of the system when a classic PI and a PI-like fuzzy controller are used to control de liquid level.

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