A New Algorithm for Secondary-path Modeling using Adaptive Notch Filters

M.H. Kahaei, S. Hossein-Zadeh, and J. Poshtan (Iran)


Active Noise Control, Adaptive Notch Filter, Secondary-Path Modeling


Adaptive notch filters are used in Active Noise Control (ANC) systems for attenuation of acoustic sinusoidal noise . An important factor in such systems is the accuracy and speed of estimation of the secondary-path transfer function which directly affects the system stability. In this paper, an extra adaptive notch filter is used in an ANC notch system to estimate the secondary-path transfer function online. Due to the identical structures of the notch filters used in the proposed ANC system, lower computations are required to compensate the secondary-path effects. Moreover, instantaneous and accurate modeling of the secondary-path transfer function at the input noise frequency leads to an effective and stable noise reduction in the ANC system. Computer simulations clearly show the effectiveness of the proposed ANC algorithm.

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