A Function Generator based on Compactly Supported Sampling Function of Degree 2

K. Nakamura and K. Toraichi (Japan)


digital-to-analog conversion, function generator, compactly supported sampling function, piecewise polynomials of degree 2, convolution operation


This paper proposes the design of a function generator for use in a Digital-to-Analog converter for DVD-Audio. The impulse response of the proposed function genera tor is a compactly supported sampling function of degree 2 that is expressed in the form of linear combination of quadratic B-spline function systems. To generate this impulse response, we design the convolution operator that can generate quadratic B-spline functions from the basis rectangular function. The convolution operator is realized by integrating delay, reverse, add, and integration processes, while the function generator is constructed by combining a set of these convolution operators suitably

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