Self-Tuning Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Series DC Motor

M.S. Ibbini and A.S. Jafar (Jordan)


Fuzzy logic, self tuning, DC series motor, state feedback.


The control of DC Machines is customarily accomplished by neglecting their nonlinearities or by deriving linearized models of their dynamics in a very small neighborhood of the considered operating conditions. Those techniques, which are surprisingly efficient in narrow strips around the operating point are unuseful away or when the system is subjected to unexpected disturbances. DC motors are often handled as linear systems by neglecting saturation and armature reaction and hence are then controlled by linear techniques. However, when armature reaction and saturation are considered, those conventional models might not prove adequate. In this paper, a self tuning fuzzy logic controller is derived based on some desired output behavior and hence, does not require a precise model of the DC machine. The fuzzy logic controlled machine output is simulated and compared to those obtained using conventional linearization techniques and the superiority of the proposed fuzzy logic controller is demonstrated. Moreover, the case of uncertain system parameters due to component aging, environmental changes, and computer truncation is shown to be more efficiently handled using the proposed controller than the conventional ones. Finally, the results of both techniques are compared and discussed.

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