Asset Not Performing - What to Do Next?

J.N. Kolibas (Australia)


high-voltage transmission, asset performance, asset management model, business case, maintenance and replacement of assets.


The pressures and constraints currently being imposed on all transmission companies around the world have placed a clear emphasis on what their ultimate goals must be. They are expected to continue delivering improved financial returns to their stakeholders (shareholders, government, public and employees) while at the same time maintaining or increasing the reliability of their assets in operation. This is a real challenge, which they are forced to face in a situation of ever ageing assets. One of the major components in a successful management their assets is to decide what to do and when with an identified non-performing asset. It has been felt that the methodologies and systems currently available and employed throughout the relevant industry are general in their approach to asset management, and do not take a particular view and account for the specific circumstance of the transmission business and its environment. This paper presents an objective and complete approach to that problem through means of a business case template that has been developed within an integrated asset management model, with clearly defined components, required inputs, an analysis process, its output results and guidelines for using the obtained results. It represents a proper answer to that challenge, so that the transmission businesses can deal with the above difficult situations in the best possible way.

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