Reduction Effect of Compensation Conductors Laid alongside Single-Core Cables

I. Sarajcev, M. Majstrovic, and E. Sutlovic (Croatia)


Reduction factor, current, single-corecable, sheath, compensation conductor


The three-phase cable line consists of three single-core cables which can have conductive sheaths grounded at either one end only, or at both ends. If they are grounded at both ends currents flow through sheaths of single-core cables during balanced and unbalanced loads and a line to-ground short circuit in a grounded network. During a line-to-ground short circuit, currents flow through cable sheaths and the ground. When cable sheaths are grounded at one end only, currents do not flow through them and the influence of the short circuit current on the neighboring electrical circuits is the greatest. Compensation conductors are used to reduce this effect. Reduction effect of compensation conductors laid alongside of power cables is analyzed in this paper. Their best locations are investigated. The calculations of the current reduction factor are also given in this paper.

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