An Improved Study of the Schlumberger and Wenner Method for Soil Resistivity Measurements

B. Handziski, V. Handziski, V. Dimcev, and P. Vrangalov (Republic of Macedonia)


grounding systems, soil resistivity, Schlumberger, Wenner, multi-layer soil models


A detailed scale model study of the accuracy and effec tiveness of the Schlumberger and Wenner method for collecting soil resistivity measurement data and generat ing multi-layer soil models has been carried out. Different scale-down soil structures composed of two, three, and, for the first time four, distinct horizontal layers with vari ous thickness and resistivity, constructed in two different size tanks, were tested. It was proved that these methods for soil resistivity measurements and the available inter pretative techniques are very efficient in providing reli able multi-layer soil models for the accurate computer based ground analyses.

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