An Alternative Forward/Backward Method for Radial Networks Solution

A. Augugliaro, L. Dusonchet, S. Mangione, and E. Riva Sanseverino (Italy)


Load flow, radial networks, distribution automation.


In this paper a load flow methodology for radial distribution networks, which, due its speed of conver gence, can be employed for automated distribution systems optimal operation problems, is presented. The solution method here developed is based on the well known iterative backward/forward process, which is applied to a set of partial networks obtained by the original radial network. Since the process is iterative, and the state variables are the bus voltages, loads can have whatever dependency on supply voltage. As compared to classical forward/backward sweep methods, in the proposed method the state variables calculation is perfor med starting from the terminal nodes and moving to the source node; this allows to verify the convergence of the process performing a test on the source node voltage only. After the presentation of the general problem of load flow in distribution systems, the proposed solution method is presented in detail. The method has been implemented and applied on some networks already used as test systems in literature, so as to test its performance especially in terms of calculation times. The obtained results confirm the efficiency of the methodology.

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