Corona Streamer Inception at an Ice Surface

M. Farzaneh, I. Fofana, I. Ndiaye, C. Volat, and K.D. Srivastava (Canada)


Outdoor Insulation, Ice-covered Insulators, Flashover, Ultra-high Imaging, Nanoseconds Discharges.


Ultra high speed photographic techniques were used in order to observe and analyse the very fast processes of visible discharge inception and development on the ice surface during the first nanoseconds. The investigations were performed on a simplified physical model under a positive lightning impulse. This physical model consists of two metallic hemispherical capped rods of 12 mm diameter half submerged in ice. The distance between the electrodes was 11 mm. What is presently being investigated is the inception voltage (or field) of a corona streamer at an ice surface. The obtained parameters (inception field, critical volume,…) are compared and discussed with those obtained in air gap.

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