Simplified 3-D Unaligned Permeance Model for Derivation of Magnetisation Characteristics

M.A. Ramlan and M.R. Tamjis (Malaysia)


Switched reluctance motor, permeance model, assumed flux path, magnetization characteristics data.


This paper discusses the development of a simplified three-dimensional permeance model for a single tooth per pole 6/4 configuration switched reluctance motor (SRM). This is achieved by considering all the mutual and end-effect leakage fluxes of the effective flux path in the air-gap region in the X-Y-Z planes using a simplified assumed flux path (AFP) method in the calculation of the total permeance of the magnetic circuit of the motor. The flux linkage path patterns are derived based from the finite element (FE) simulation. This technique allows a simple, fast and accurate estimation of the flux linkage to be achieved and used in the derivation of the magnetisation characteristics data for all angles between the rotor unaligned and aligned positions. The results obtained using the developed permeance model are compared with those derived by other known methods and measured experimental data. The comparisons reveal the capability and reliability of the developed model to produce more accurate output results.

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