Wave Power Prediction in Nearshore Areas based on Offshore Wave Information: A Case Study

G.A. Athanassoulis, K.A. Belibassakis, and Ch.N. Stefanakos (Greece)


wave power, offshore-to-near shore wave transformation, significant wave height, sea wave energy


In the present work, a methodology for the calculation of the wave conditions in nearshore/coastal areas is applied to the prediction of the corresponding wave energy potential. The methodology has been developed in the framework of the EUROWAVES1 project, and is based on transforming the available offshore wave information to any nearshore/coastal site of interest, using the third generation, phase-averaged, nearshore wave model (SWAN, [1,2]), and exploiting available geographical information concerning the bathymetry and coastline of the area under consideration. Numerical results are presented demonstrating the application of the above methodology to nearshore and coastal sites of the Greek Seas.

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