A Friendly Software Package to Estimate Indoors Day-lighting and Internal Gain

S. Kaplanis, Ach. G. Kostulas, Ch. Kitsonas, V. Constantinopoulos, and D. Spyrakis (Greece


Solar Power, Energy and the Environment, Modeling and Simulation of Power Plants.


A friendly to the user software has been developed, ready to be used by the engineers involved in environmental design in the thermal performance of buildings and interested in the contribution to the energy savings by the solar radiation. The package provides the engineers with: a. A 3D design interface, providing the indoor penetration of the sunlight through the wall openings of a user-designed room, with or without external shadowing devices. b. The coordinates of the lit profiles of the wall openings and the shadowing devices, on the floor and/or on the walls. c. The internal energy gain of the room. The software is written in Visual Basic 6.0 and it is a self-sufficient executable program.

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