Scheme of Battery Introduction to Residence-use PV Systems Optimized by Probabilistic Method

K. Wu, T. Kato, Y. Yokomizu, M. Goto, and Y. Suzuoki (Japan)


Photovoltaic power (PV) systems, Battery storage, Cost analysis, Peak-cut, Loss-of-load probability (LOLP)


An economically feasible scheme is proposed to efficiently utilize the inverter of residence-use PV systems. If the utility invests in the batteries to be installed in the PV system, an economic merit can be obtained by the utility due to the peak-cut effect of the battery-PV combined systems. By using probabilistic method, the capacity and operation time of the batteries are optimized to maximize the merit. The influence of further increase of the capacity of PV systems on the economic merit is studied. If the capacity and operation time of the batteries in the installed PV-battery combined systems can be properly chosen, the economic merit can be kept above 24,000 yen/kW. This merit may be used to subsidize private PV installation.

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