Configuration of a Solar-Wind Hybrid Power System in Singapore

R. Gupta, J. Fan, and V. Elaveetil (Singapore)


Photovoltaic, battery bank, solar radiation, humidity, data acquisition system, wind energy, cut-in speed, Wind Turbine-Generator (WTG)


The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic has installed a solar-wind hybrid power station in Singapore mainly for educational and research purposes. This 21 kW capacity power station generates electricity from solar and wind at 230V and 50Hz frequency. A complete state-of-art data acquisition system is installed at the station to monitor various parameters. The parameters include ambient temperature, solar radiation, humidity, charging current, battery bank voltage (maximum and minimum battery voltage), voltage of individual cells, kWh consumed by the load and Inverter output voltage and current. In this paper, a detailed description of the power station and analysis of the readings obtained for various parameters are illustrated.

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