Calculation of the Total Solar Irradiation Using Computer Simulation

A. Tzachanis and C. Sdravopoulou (Greece)


Solar Irradiation, Solar Energy, Simulation


This paper presents a new method of calculating the total solar irradiation using computer simulation. The method applies for surfaces with any orientation and inclination angle. The mathematical model which has been developed is capable to calculate and draw the shape of the daily variation of the solar heat gain. The mean value of the solar intensity is then resulting with integration of the daily curve using a time step of 2.5 min. A simple correlation of the mean value with the corresponding sun hours enables the estimation of the incident solar energy variation for the city of Larissa, Greece. The comparison between simulation and measurments on horizontal surfaces in Larissa is considered satisfactory while comparison with measurements taken by the National Observatory of Athens seems to be very good. Finally, the simulation of the solar energy variation is compared with values resulting from other methods.

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