Impact of Micro Distributed Generation on Voltage Quality in LV Distribution Feeders

S. Conti, S. Raiti, G. Tina, and U. Vagliasindi (Italy)


Distributed Generation, Photovoltaic Systems, Power Quality, Steady-State Analysis, Voltage Control.


Nowadays, deep concern is focused on the impact that the future widespread use of residential utility-interactive Photovoltaic (PV) systems would have on the utility operation. As a consequence, studies on the effects produced on LV distribution systems by micro Distributed Generation (DG) are gaining more and more relevance. In this paper, some aspects regarding the quality of the voltage supplied to customers will be dealt with, taking into consideration slow voltage variations phenomena in the presence of DG. In particular, the effect on voltage profile in a LV distribution feeder will be examined with reference to general distributions of lumped loads in case of both a single current injection point and multiple contiguous current injection points. Some analytical expressions, will be derived to determine the limit value of the power that can be injected into a single or multiple nodes of a LV feeder without causing overvoltages.

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