Wideband Voltage Measuring Topologies using HV Capacitive Voltage Transformers

H.J. Vermeulen and J.M. Strauss (South Africa)


Capacitive Voltage Transformer, Wideband HV measurements


This paper presents the results of an investigation to determine the feasibility of using High Voltage (HV) Capacitive Voltage Transformers (CVTs) for wideband voltage measurements in HV transmission systems. Two measuring topologies are considered, namely a capacitive divider topology and an integrated earth return current topology. Frequency response and impulse response test results are presented for a 400 kV CVT. The frequency response results show that the test CVT exhibits an excellent wideband response for both topologies up to 500 kHz. The impulse responses, obtained for voltage impulses with rise-times of the order of 1µs and 10µs respectively, indicate that impulse voltage magnitudes can be measured with accuracies of the order of 2 %.

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