Short Circuit Levels Adequation by Network Topology Modifications using Genetic Algorithms

C.M. Dacchille, J.F. Dupouy, R. Villasana, and A.J. Urdaneta (Venezuela)


Genetic algorithms, network topology,optimization, power systems, short-circuit level adequation,switching.


A new methodology is proposed to adequate the short-circuit levels on the buses of an electrical power system as well as to control the fault current contributions through the bus ties, using a genetic algorithm to optimize the network topology by positioning and controlling the operation of the bus-tie breakers. The problem is stated as an optimization problem, formulated as to maximize the number of closed bus-tie breakers, subject to the short-circuit capabilities of the equipment and the normal operation constraints. The problem is of combinatorial nature for which the genetic algorithm constitutes a powerful tool for its solution. The methodology was successfully applied to the electrical power system of AES Venezuela - C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas consisting of eight (8) 230 kV substations and seventeen (17) 69 kV substations connected to 30 kV and 12.47 kV. networks.

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