Capacitor Bank Switching Effect in Electric Power Systems under Balanced Conditions

P. Tusaliu (Portugal), C.J. Coelho Teixeira, and J.A. Dias Pinto (Portugal)


capacitor bank switching, electric power systems, modelling and simulation.


In this paper it is studied and analysed the capacitor bank switching effect in electric power systems under balanced conditions. The study was carried out using two sample systems. For the first example and considering one scenario the overvoltages and overcurrents solutions produced by the numerical simulations were compared with the experimental values obtained in laboratory tests. The simulation was also performed in an electric power system considering different values of the capacitor bank located in each one of the five network busbars. Finally some conclusions that provide a valuable contribution to the understanding of the overvoltages and overcurrents phenomena produced in a circuit breaker by the (de)energization of a shunt capacitor bank are pointed out.

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