A New Voltage Stability Analysis Technique for Predicting System Violation

I. Musirin and T.K.A. Rahman (Malaysia)


Voltage stability analysis, voltage collapse, FVSI.


Voltage violation caused by overloading condition has become an increasingly serious problem. This issue has been a progressing issue in the power engineering community which subsequently motivated further research in the field in order to maintain a secure power delivery. Conventionally, the study of voltage stability utilizes various indicators termed as indices or proximities referred to a line or a bus. This paper presents a novel Fast Voltage Stability Index (FVSI) referred to a line. This index is used for analyzing the voltage stability condition of a power system which then helps to predict the occurrence of voltage collapse in the system. The index is derived from the voltage equation of a 2-bus system. It is used in voltage stability analysis in predicting the occurrence of voltage violation in a power system. The line which gives index value close to 1.00 will be taken as the most critical line with respect to a bus. The formulated index was tested on the IEEE reliability test system in order to verify the performance of the proposed indicator. Results showed that the proposed technique is indicative in predicting the occurrence of system violation hence necessary action can be taken to avoid such incident.

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