Medium-voltage Capacitor Bank Switching in Cable Distribution Networks

A. Kalyuzhny, S. Zissu, and D. Shein (Israel)


Circuit breakers, isolated capacitor bank, cable, inrush current, travelling waves.


The paper presents a new approach for calculation of the inrush currents of isolated medium voltage capacitor banks at the substations that feed cable distribution networks. The research was done by means of Electromagnetic Transient Program (EMTP), as well as by means of analytical calculations. A new analytical method for calculation of the capacitor bank inrush currents caused by travelling waves in the adjacent feeders was developed. It was proved that the single bank inrush currents calculated with regard to the travelling waves in the adjacent cables have much higher amplitudes and frequencies that the single bank inrush currents calculated according to the traditional approach. The necessity to cope with these currents may lead to revision of the existing standards dealing with capacitor switching, as well as to using damping reactors, even for isolated capacitor banks.

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