Solving Networks Constraints (Congestions) by Investigating Impact of Phase Shifters on the Flows

M. Reza and W.L. Kling (The Netherlands)


phase shifters, network capacity, optimal location.


Phase-shifters can control the power flows in a network by either reducing the flows in heavily loaded lines or increasing the flows in the least loaded lines in a network, which can increase the loadability of the network. This paper investigates the impact of phase-shifters implemented in a network in both enlarging the network loadability while avoiding the thermal constraint. An objective function of maximizing network capacity is set and the optimal location of phase-shifters implementation is investigated. A 5-bus 7-branch test system is used to observe the general performance of phase-shifters implementation according to the objective function, and the observation result is applied to simulate the optimal location for phase-shifters implementation in the Dutch 380-kV network.

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