Coordinated Control of Multiple Controllers in Multimachine Power Systems with Guaranteed Performance

L. Cong and Y. Wang (Singapore), and D.J. Hill (Australia)


Decentralized control, robust control, UPFC, excitation


This paper presents a nonlinear decentralized control scheme for large-scale power systems installed with Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC). The decentralized controller includes two parts: the generator excitation controllers and the UPFC controller. The control objective is to improve the system transient stability and voltage regulation with a guaranteed performance. By using DFL (direct feedback linearization) technique and a LMI (linear matrix inequality) based robust control approach, the system nonlinearities, the interconnections between subsystems and the plant parameter uncertainties are taken into consideration in the controller design. The resulting guaranteed cost controller is practically realizable and valid within a wide range of operating conditions. The proposed control scheme is evaluated on a three-machine example system through simulation. Simulation results show that the dynamic performance of the system can be greatly enhanced regardless of the network parameters, operating points and fault locations.

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