Induction Motor Behaviour during Voltage Instability Solved by Unified Power Flow Controller

N. Dizdarević and S. Tešnjak (Croatia), and G. Andersson (Switzerland)


FACTS, voltage stability, induction motor sensitivity


Behaviour of induction motors during voltage unstable situations is of main concern in this paper. Voltage stability problem is viewed from longer-term time domain response of a composite load model with induction motors being embedded. Instability is alleviated by using Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC). The UPFC is analysed as the device capable of giving voltage support and/or co-ordinating power flow control action. Sensitivity analysis is applied with respect to characteristic parameters of induction motors. Computational procedure reveals critical motor parameters as well as critical time instant in time domain trajectory. The UPFC is then initiated to simultaneously support bus voltage magnitudes at both sides.

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