Operator Training Simulator of a Thermal Power Plant based on Object Oriented Modeling

B. Šulc, J. Alam Jan, and P. Neuman (Czech Republic)


modelling, simulation, training simulator,thermal power plants.


Operator training simulators are the full scope simulators where the intention is to provide the operators the same environment as in the real power plants. This paper describes methods suitable for an operator-training simulator development. This simulator uses a model based on the first principle. The simulator has been developed in the simulation packages MATLAB SIMULINK. The distributed control system (DCS), which is implemented in the power plant, the simulator of which is designed, is also emulated in MATLAB-SIMULINK. The operator-training simulator uses the same Human Machine Interface (HMI) as that developed in standard software package InTouch for the real the power plant station. The communication between MATLAB SIMULINK models and InTouch mimics, is based on the standard DDE protocol.

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