Improving the Macedonian Power System through Rehabilitation of the Six Biggest Hydro Power Plants

M. Hadzievska, E. Cinceva, and V. Čingoski (Macedonia)


Hydro power plants, rehabilitation, power generation.


At present, the installed hydropower capacity in Macedonia is 30% of the total installed capacity. The six biggest HPPs in Macedonia are: HPP Vrutok, HPP Raven, HPP Vrben, HPP Globocica, HPP Tikves and HPP Spilje, which represent 91% of the country’s hydropower capacity. Rehabilitation and life extension of these hydro power plants is very important. This is because the hydropower plants are generally fairly old, older than most of the thermal generation capacities. Moreover, these plants play a vital role in the Macedonian Power System, providing peaking capacity, reserve capacity and frequency control.

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