Audio-Visual Analysis of Multimedia Documents for Automatic Topic Identification

U. Iurgel, S. Werner, A. Kosmala, F. Wallhoff, and G. Rigoll (Germany)


Audio and Video, Multimedia, Speech Processing, Topic Segmentation, Topic Identification


This paper presents a system that shall automatically scan multimedia data like TV or radio broadcasts for the presence of specific topics and, whenever topics of users’ interests are detected, alert the related user. Our current work on the three main modules of the system will be shown. (1) The speech recognition system (with 18.7 % WER) is already among the most advanced German broadcast speech recognition systems. (2) The new and innovative topic identification approach, which is especially designed to work on the output of a speech recognizer, is compared to a standard text based approach. (3) The topic segmentation module has a good performance detecting real topic boundaries, not just scene cuts or speaker turns.

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