Object-Oriented Color Image Segmentation

V. Alexandrov and M. Kharinov (Russia), and A. Velazquez and S. Levachkine (Mexico)


Image Segmentation and Representation, Image Recognition, Image Segments Hierarchy, Image Synthesis


We present an approach to color image segmentation. This is simultaneous segmentation-recognition system when successfully segmented objects of interest (alphanumeric, punctual, linear, and area) are labeled by the system in same, but are different for each type of objects, gray-level values. We call it the composite image technique. We exchange the source image by a number of composite image representations. Every composite image representation is associated with certain feature. Some of the composite images that contain the objects of interest serve to be used in the following object detection recognition. The specification of features associated with perspective composite representations is regarded as a type of knowledge domain. The results of gray-level color image segmentations are presented.

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