An Efficient Digital Watermarking Algorithm for MPEG Video

S. Fong and S.Y. Zhuang (Macao), P.B. Ray (Singapore), and S. Singh (Australia)


Video, Security, Digital Watermarking.


Multimedia data security is important for multimedia commerce [3][6]. While encryption algorithms ensure that data is transmitted securely across the network, there is no restriction that the receiver cannot distort or claim ownership of the multimedia data. To address this issue, digital watermarking is used. Digital watermarking of MPEG video must take into account of two major factors, such as overheads due to watermark insertion and detection, and MPEG compression ratio. In this paper, we proposed an extension to the still image watermarking algorithm by Hsu and Wu [5]. Two variations of the MPEG watermarking algorithm are implemented under this extension. We found that the P-frame watermarking scheme performs better than the I-frame watermarking scheme in all the aspects. The P-frame watermarking scheme has the attractive feature that it does not reduce the compression ratio. At the same time the overheads due to the algorithm are minimal and the watermark can be completely recovered. On comparison with the original video, no visual distortions could be observed for the P-frame watermarked video. Thus, the watermarking algorithms could be used to secure video distribution.

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