A Fast Binary Tree Encoder for Lossless Image Compression

J.I. Larrauri and E. Kahoraho (Spain)


Lossless Image Compression, Binary Tree, Encoder, Segmentation


A new lossless method for compression of static color images using a binary tree encoder is presented. This method is called FEBTLIC (Fast Encoder of Binary Tree for Lossless Compression). Traditional lossless methods use techniques based on the elimination or reduction of the existent redundancy in the data (pixels), mainly applying methods based on statistical models (e.g. Shannon Coding, Huffman Coding,...) The proposed method is based on three sequential processes: segmentation of the image into fixed size blocks, application of a compression algorithm based on the structure of data in the form of binary tree and lastly, a fast encoder of the data structure previously created. This method assures with a high probability, as least a compression ratio of 3:1 and shorter coding-decoding cycle time. In order to evaluate the advantages of this new method compared with the conventional lossless methods, experimental studies have been carried out using a set of images of different sources and nature. From the experimental results we can assert that the proposed new method obtains a higher compression ratio.

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