A Feature-Preserving Multiscale Error Diffusion Technique for Digital Halftoning

S.-M. Cheung and Y.-H. Chan (PRC)


Halftoning, Error Diffusion, Quantization, Multiscale processing, Image processing, Display


Multiscale error diffusion is superior to conventional error diffusion methods in digital halftoning as it can completely eliminate directional hysteresis. However, there is a bias to favor a particular type of dots in the course of the halftoning process. In this paper, a new multiscale error diffusion method is proposed. The proposed method improves the diffusion performance by reducing the aforementioned bias and preserving the local features of the input image in the output. This is critical to the quality when the resolution of the output is limited by the physical constraints of the display unit. Besides, it can also eliminate the boundary effect found in conventional multiscale error diffusion methods.

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