Lossless Compression Coding of Greyscale Images based on JBIG Standard

A.M. Abushaala and Y. Iano (Brazil)


Coding Image, Arithmetic Coding, JBIG Standard, Lossless Compression.


There are several methods to encode data strings of lossless compression images. One of such methods is the Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (ABAC), used by JBIG (Joint Bi-level Image experts Group) standard. The ABAC maps an input data string into a real number x between “0” and “1”. The process is done recursively until all the input string has been encoded, and the code is generated. A model unit is needed together with the ABAC. The 10th order of Markov model is used. The model template of three lines is used to compute an integer value (context). Computer software of ABAC by using C language, for static 2-tone images, presented excellent compression with good flexibility, which made the use of ABAC algorithm and its model of JBIG standard possible for the greyscale images. In this case, the image is divided into bit-planes, and then they are applied to the lossless compression coding.

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