Binocular 3-D Object Tracking with Varying Focal Lengths

M. Zobel, J. Denzler, and H. Niemann (Germany)


Real-time 3-D Object Tracking, Image Sequence Processing, Zooming


In this paper we discuss some practical facets of active camera control during 3-D object tracking. The basis of our investigation is an active binocular camera system look ing onto a scene to track a moving object in 3-D. Tracking is done in a data driven manner using an extented version of the region based method that was proposed earlier by Hager and Belhumeur. Triangulation of the extracted ob jects in the two image planes lead to an estimation of the 3-D position of the moving object. To keep the moving ob ject in the center of the image the tilt and vergence axis of the binocular camera system is controlled. The important question for such an experimental setup is which param eters do influence the quality of the final 3-D estimation. The main effects we are concentrating on is the accuracy of the 2-D localization in the image plane depending on the focal length of the camera. Also the consequences of errors in the synchronization between image acquisition and mo tor control of the camera system are shortly discussed. All considerations are verified in real-time experiments.

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