Feed Back Control to Auto Image Zooming for Target Recognition Using Fuzzy Set Theory

Y. Abbas and K. Al-Sultanny (Jordan)


Image zooming, fuzzy set, pattern recognition, and fuzzy logic estimator.


Auto image zooming is one of the important techniques used in image recognition in order to get a fixed size of the body to be recognized, when the images comes from different distances. The auto image zooming was implemented by using fuzzy rules. When the zooming outsides the capabilities of software the hardware of the feed back control system was designed by using servomotor (or stepping motor) to change the positions of the additional lenses to obtain the suitable size of the image to be recognized. The software with feedback control loop by using (10 fuzzy subset. The estimator fuzzy logic designed with (100) rules will be worked together for image zooming to obtain object of fixed size for image recognition.

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