Resolution Enhancement of Spatially Close Incoherent Sources Using Virtually Expanded Arrays

Y.-S. Kim, H.-Y. Kang, C.-J. Kim, and J.-S. Chae (Korea)


Direction finding, Virtual array, Resolution.


In this paper, we propose a resolution enhancement method for estimating direction-of-arrival (DOA) of narrowband incoherent signals incident on a general array. The resolution of DOA algorithm is dependent on the aperture size of antenna array. But it is very impractical to increase the physical size of antenna array in real environment. We propose the method that improves resolution performance by virtually expanding the sensor spacing of original antenna array and then averaging the spatial spectrum of each virtual array which has a different aperture size. Superior resolution capabilities achieved with this method are shown by simulation results in comparison with the standard MUSIC for incoherent signals incident on a uniform circular array.

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