Performances of Permutation Test Detectors under Correlated Clutter in Radar Environments

F. Álvarez-Vaquero and J.L. Sanz-González (Spain)


nonparametric tests, permutation test,radar detection, false alarms, detection probability, cluttermodel, clutter power spectrum.


In this paper we analyze the permutation test performances under clutter with two different power spectra: a Gaussian power spectrum (Gaussian autocorrelation function) and a first order Butterworth spectrum (exponential autocorrelation function). The false alarm probability (Pfa) of the permutation detector for Weibull clutter environments has been computed with the two different power spectra. Also, detection probability (Pd) curves have been generated (Pd versus SNR) with the goal of determining the influence of the different parameters, such as the number of pulses (N), the number of reference samples (M) and the correlation coefficient ρ, for a given Pfa Also, we present detectability curves of the permutation test under different types of target models (nonfluctuating, Swerling I and Swerling II) for the two types of power spectra.

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