Identification of Cubically Nonlinear Systems with a Bandpass Input

C.-H. Tseng (Taiwan)


Nonlinear System, Bandpass Signal, Bandpass Sampling, Volterra Kernels


In this paper, we propose a practical method for identification of cubically nonlinear systems with a bandpass in put using bandpass sampled input and output data. The proposed method distinguishes itself from the conventional one in that the required sampling frequency is determined by the bandwidth (instead of the maximum frequency) of the signals. This can be done because that the bandpass sampled signals preserve the complete essential informa tion in the original bandpass signals. For most applications, the bandwidth of the bandpass signal is often significantly smaller than its maximum frequency. Therefore, the re quired sampling frequency in the proposed method can be much lower than that required in the conventional method. The proposed method can be used for identifying nonlinear systems whose input signal is bandpass in nature, such as digital communications over nonlinear channels.

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