Matrix Multistage Clustering of Interleaved Pulse Train

H.S. Shahhoseini, A. Naseri, and M. Naderi (Iran)


ESM, Pulse Train, Matrix Operation, Clustering, Parallelism.


Clustering and identification are two time consuming jobs in the ESM systems. In this paper a new matrix-based method, MMC, is proposed for clustering pulse train. MMC is a multi-step algorithm, which in each step the sub-clusters of previous step are spitted. This division continues until there will not any dividable sub-cluster. Since all steps are similar to each other, MMC inherently can be performed in parallel manner, which is vital to obtain a real time ESM system. Also as the algorithm is matrix based, each step can be executed by a systolic array, which is the best parallel structure for matrix operations. To evaluate MMC, a radar environment is simulated. The simulation results confirm MMC.

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