Automatic Recognition Algorithm for Digitally Modulated Signals

D. Le Guen and A. Mansour (France)


Digital Modulations (ASK, PSK, FSK), Classification, Recognition, Statistical Methods.


Since the end of the eighties, many researchers have been investigating the automatic identification and recognition of modulated communication signals. Recently, many algorithms have been proposed to automatically identify and recognize the digitally modulated signals. Such types of signals have been used in many applications such as: Electronic warfare, surveillance and threat analysis, control of communication quality etc. In this paper we outline the major problems, approaches and some algorithms to recognize automatically the type of the modulated signals. First of all, some algorithms to estimate some important features of the modulated signals, as the wave carrier frequency, have been discussed and simulated. At the second part, we propose a modified version of the well-known algorithm DMRA (Digital Modulation Recognition Algorithm) proposed by Azzouz and Nandi. Finally, many experiments and simulations have been conducted and presented.

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