Modulation Scheme Classification for 4G Software Radio Wireless Networks

K.E. Nolan, L. Doyle, P. Mackenzie, and D. O'Mahony (Ireland)


Software Radio, Modulation Scheme Recognition, Statistical Moments


This paper describes software radio and a software radio technique for automatic digital modulation scheme recognition. The modulation recognition technique is designed for a real-time software radio using general purpose processors and is based on a modified pattern recognition and phase classifier approach. The techniques presented in this paper are designed to be robust and efficient with a processing time overhead that still allows the software radio to maintain its real-time operating objectives. Experimental results for GMSK recognition over a fading, ISI channel with AWGN and random phase noise are presented. One test scenario, where an intercepted signal is either BPSK or QPSK modulated, using an AWGN channel with random phase noise shows that correct modulation scheme classification is possible to a lower-bound channel SNR of approximately 9dB.

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