Circular Array Bean Pattern Analysis via Model-based Approach

H.H. Chang, S.S. Bor, C.L. Wang, and Y.X. Zeng (Taiwan)


Adaptive algorithm, antenna array, LCMV, SAS


To analyze beam pattern of a circular array, which this array has a centered conducting cylinder with all 18 folded-dipole antenna elements are attached to the surface of it, can be a theoretically difficult work. In this paper we use a model-based approach to deal with this problem and this model consists of the known and unknown two types of parameters. The known parameters can be derived from array geometry and the unknown parameters are set to take into account the overall effects caused from the existence of conducting cylinder, the non isotropic element pattern and mutual coupling, etc. The unknown parameters are estimated from measurement data. The simulation results show that the array beam pattern can be distorted greatly if these unknown parameters are ignored. Problems about parameter estimation errors are also discussed and simulation results presented.

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