Unfolding a Split-node Data-flow Graph

T.W. O’Neil and E.H.-M. Sha (USA)


Parallel and Distributed Systems, Compilers, Optimization, Modeling Languages


Many computation-intensive or recursive applications commonly found in digital signal processing and image processing applications can be represented by data-flow graphs (DFGs). In our previous work, we proposed a new technique, extended retiming, which can be combined with minimal unfolding to transform a DFG into one which is rate-optimal. The result, however, is a DFG with split nodes, with it implied that we are able to unfold such a graph. Generalizing the known unfolding methods so that they apply to this new model has heretofore not been explored. In this paper, we logically prove the specific changes that transpire when a split-node graph is unfolded and propose an algorithm for performing unfolding.

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