Evaluation of a Region-based Partial Inlining Algorithm for an ILP Optimizing Compiler

T. Way and L. Pollock (USA)


Parallel and distributed compilers, algorithm design,region-based ILP compiler optimization, partial inlining


An ILP optimizing compiler using a region-based approach restructures a program to better reflect dynamic behav ior and increase interprocedural optimization and schedul ing opportunities. Regions provide the compiler with better control of the unit of compilation than traditional procedure-based compilers. In this paper, we evaluate an algorithm that incorporates partial inlining into a region based compilation framework to achieve the optimization benefits of full inlining, with the added benefit of reduced code growth. Results are presented for a variety of common and novel metrics developed for comparison of regions, in cluding profile homogeneity, percentage of invariant code and interprocedural scope of regions.

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