Environment of Shared Objects for the Web

D. Lopes, S. Hammoudi (France), and Z. Abdelouahab (Brazil)


Web-based System, Parallel Programming, Fault-tolerant Systems and Load Balancing.


This paper presents the design of the Environment ofS hared Objects for the Web (ESOW). This environment provides support for parallel and distributed programming on the Web that is seen as a Pool of computers to share two fundamental resources: memory and processor. It is based on Distributed Shared Objects (DSO) to implement a Software Distributed Shared Memory (SDSM). The main entities of this SDSM are passive (data structures)and active (processes) objects. Mechanisms of load balancing and fault tolerance have been developed to address scalability, availability and reliability. Tests have been performed with evolution strategies and Mandelbrot fractal. These characteristics and tests demonstrate that ESOW empowers small applications for meta computing using the Web as medium of communication and development.

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