Distributed Cache Content Management Protocol for Cooperative Web Server

J. Lim and S. Rajasekaran (USA)


Web Caching, Web Cache Algorithm, Web Cache Protocol, and Web Server Architecture


This paper studies Random Request Distribution and Load Balancing Cache protocol (RLC) and Randomly Selected and Limited Look at neighbor (RSLL) cache algorithm based on Byte Access Frequency Factor (BAFF) for internet services with multimedia and dynamic web content. The RSLL cache algorithm considers reducing response time and achieving good load balance among web servers using limitation of look at neighbor web server’s cached contents and random distribution of web client requests. The RLC cache protocol updates cached dynamic contents completely and consistently in distributed cooperative web servers. Recently, fast response time for web client request has become more and more important in web servers. Therefore, by using this cache protocol and cache algorithm for web servers, we can build scalable web servers supporting very fast response times, high memory hit rate, and excellent load balancing of distributed cooperative web servers.

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