Admission Control Algorithms for Hard Real-time Connections in ATM Networks

J. Martyna (Poland)



This paper proposes simple but effective admission con trol algorithms for real-time connections in ATM networks. The call admission control (CAC) algorithms, collaborated with Deadline-Based Round-Robin [MART02] scheduling discipline, aim at ensuring priority properties of connec tions. Our CAC algorithms appear to be extremely accurate for a scenario of a real-time ATM with stringend Quality of Service (QoS) requirements (e.g. end-to-end delays, Cell Loss Ratio, Cell Delay Variation). With the help of our algorithms we obtain a guarantee for the required band width in all of the cases as well as a maximally utilized bandwidth. The simulation results are also presented in the paper in order to gain additional quantitative insights in the effectiveness of CAC algorithms to provide support for hard real-time connections.

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